It Takes an Exceptional City to Build an Extraordinary New Neighborhood

There are 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. This will be the 78th.

Set along a half-mile of riverfront, The 78 is a remarkable 62-acre site that will fuse new homes, commercial enterprises, cultural events, academia and outdoor recreational space into a groundbreaking new neighborhood — one that will challenge how we think about ourselves, and how the world thinks about Chicago.

Here's What's Happening

Here's What's Happening

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News & Updates

Office Has a New Home

The center of influence in Chicago has shifted. To attract the next generation of talent, companies need space to create collaborative, comfortable working environments. They want easy ways to and from the office, with places to engage and inspire their workforce.

The 78 will rise to meet these demands, and set a new standard for commercial leasing in Chicago.

Our Community Commitment

The 78 will bring more than $7 billion of economic activity to the city. We’re making strategic investments in Chicago’s diverse workforce, in small, local, minority- and women-owned businesses, and along the construction supply chain — as a model for socially-responsible development.

All Roads Lead to The 78

Located at Roosevelt and the river, The 78 is close to the Loop and expands the borders of the downtown area to better connect with historic Chicago neighborhoods. The campus will be accessible via multiple modes of alternative transit, including river, road, rail and trail — making it one of the fastest commutes in the city.