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A Bold New Future for the City That Works

The 78: A Neighborhood Rises

Chicago — built on history, hope and determination. Since the earliest days as a rail and lumber yard, the area around The 78 has been linked to industry and defined by progress. In that spirit, The 78 is being forged by the working men and women of Chicago, and rises as a responsive and resilient 21st-century neighborhood that can galvanize communities and transform the city.

From Industrialization to Innovation

    It all began when...

    400 Million BC

    A tropical sea lays down the limestone that will become Chicago's skyscrapers. 


    Jean-Baptist-Point Du Sable arrived on the shore of Lake Michigan becoming the first permanent non-Indigenous settler of what will become Chicago.


    Chicago is founded and becomes an epicenter of trade. 


    The Great Chicago Fire destroys 2,000 acres of the city - but The 78 is spared. 


    The Plan of Chicago reshapes the city through civic space and transportation. The 78's role? A massive rail yard.


    Next to The 78, the Chicago River is straightened for easier passage.


    Amtrak takes over Union Station, hastening the end of The 78 as a rail yard.


    With rail lines removed, The 78 is now vacant.


    Carol Ross Barney designs the Chicago Riverwalk, that will eventually extend into The 78.


    Related Midwest announces a plan to reimagine the site.


    DPI selects The 78 as the future home of their research institution.


    The vision for The 78 is unveiled.


    Plans for The 78 are approved and infrastructure work begins.

    2020 and beyond

    Join us and watch Chicago's newest neighborhood begin to take shape. #HereComesThe78

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A Vision for Chicago’s Next Great Neighborhood

The 78 Integrated into downtown
The 78 Integrated into downtown

One-Half Mile of Riverfront Access

The 78 Featuring the White Sox Ballpark Situated on Chicago's Riverwalk
The 78 Featuring the White Sox Ballpark Situated on Chicago's Riverwalk

Wells-Wentworth Connector

Wells-Wentworth Connector
Wells-Wentworth Connector

Discovery Partners Institute

Discovery Partners Institute Riverfront
Discovery Partners Institute Riverfront

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