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A New Technology Hub for Education, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Technology drives modern economies, and companies need access to innovation and resources. That’s the thinking behind the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), a partnership between industry and education that will propel ideas from concept to market in groundbreaking ways.

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Open 2024 at The 78:
the premier research institute of the Midwest
2,000 of the most advanced tech students
per year from partner institutions
Supported by a $1B commitment
from private and public sector

DPI is a $1 billion public-private research center led by University of Illinois System, it’s three universities and partners. When complete, DPI will be a global destination for talent, drawing as many as 2,000 students each year to work with a variety of companies and universities on research and development of new products and applications. This integrated model fosters collaboration between graduate students, faculty and industry partners to make pioneering breakthroughs.

Discovery Partners Institute Innovation Ecosystem

Developing Tomorrow's Tech Talent

With the DPI, The 78 will impact existing and future tech sector businesses in Chicago, and help attract talent and interest from across the country and around the world.

DPI's Goals Include:

  • Provide a one-stop workforce solution to cultivate, retain and attract new economy talent at scale
  • Expand the diversity of the tech workforce that stretches into early and non-traditional pipelines
  • Increase the impact of R&D on the economy by connecting industry with leading expertise and assets

Areas of Focus:

  • Food, Agriculture, Environment and Water
  • Health and Wellness
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Finance and Insurance
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Training for the New Economy

This fusion of university and corporate partners will produce game-changing research to fuel an economic engine for future growth and job creation in the city.

  • Bringing the best minds from academia and industry together with thousands of students in an interdisciplinary hub of critical mass
  • Serving as a magnet for entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists for investors, from across the state and nation
  • Creating hundreds of new companies and educating thousands of new innovators right here in Illinois